As Nature Intended - FULL

Naked Yoga Retreat for Gay / Bi / Trans / Queer Men

Sunday 5th May - Saturday 11th May 2019

Lua Nua, Portugal

Sunday 5th May - Saturday 11th May 2019

Lua Nua Boutique Guesthouse, Alentejo, Portugal


Dear Men!

This retreat is now full! If you would like to be on the waiting list in case a space becomes free then please email me at

There are still plenty of spaces left on our second Naked Men's Yoga Retreat and Digital Detox - The Bare Necessities - 30th June - 6th July.

The Call:

Dear Men! I'm thrilled and ecstatic to announce our first Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ men! Our home for the week is the spectacular Lua Nua, a naked paradise for men in the middle of nowhere in the Portuguese countryside.

This will be a very cosy, private retreat as there is only space for 12 people!

The theme for this retreat is 'As Nature Intended' - we will be practicing yoga and hanging out in nature and by the pool as naked as the day we were born! This retreat is a celebration of our uniqueness, our individuality, our spirit as GBTQ men. It's about coming together to explore joy and liberation through nakedness and embodiment! It's about practicing self acceptance, nurturing a deeply compassionate loving relationship to yourself, and letting your divine, magnificent, wild, and natural essence shine through.

Being naked literally strips away all the social and economic barriers that clothing can represent. Being naked in front of other people can be challenging as it brings up our vulnerabilities around self acceptance, being seen, and around shame! Together we will playfully confront these vulnerabilities!


Society often tells us that being naked is all about sex. Practising Yoga naked, singing and dancing naked, walking through the woods naked, swimming in the pool or ocean naked, is an exhilarating way to feel freedom and build self acceptance in your beautifully unique body in a non sexual space.

Arousal can happen, if it does that's beautiful and magical and can be enjoyed and celebrated. Connection and intimacy with other men can happen, which can be intensely healing and nurturing and wonderful. The invitation for this retreat is to connect with yourself and other men from the heart. To embrace self acceptance. To shed layers of shame, guilt and regret. To come together with other men in celebration of queer community and spirit!


Nudity can deepen our spiritual practice and help us to face some of our deepest fears in a a safe, supportive and non judgmental community of men - come join us!

Men of ALL shapes, sizes and ages. Men from all yoga backgrounds, and all levels of experience are welcome!

This Retreat is For You if:

  • You understand that this is a Naked Yoga Retreat and NOT a clothing optional Yoga Retreat. We will co-create a safe, non judgmental space for us all to enjoy being naked together.

  • You are inspired to celebrate your unique naked body, to nurture self acceptance, to release fear and shame!

  • You are looking for a sacred pause from your daily routine, and to dive deep into nature, into your yoga practice, into your body and soul, naked in the company of GBTQ men!

  • Your heart sings at the prospect of sharing a wild adventure in remote nature in the community of international gay / bi / trans / queer men!

  • You feel called to get in touch with your primal self, swimming in the sea, howling at the moon, relaxing in the forest, gazing at the stars, connecting with nature to connect to spirit, being naked in the company of other men

  • You are seeking space from certain behaviours, like technology, devices, social media, alcohol, substances etc

  • You are open and eager to making a positive changes in your life, to learning about yourself, to growth, transformation, to releasing old patterns, to harness the connection with nature and the community of men to support you on your journey!​

Price per person - 850 Euros

(Price includes accommodation, food, daily morning ceremony + yoga, evening group activities)

Tom Bio

I walked into my very first Yoga class on a weekend trip to Amsterdam 12 years ago. Since then I have explored different styles including Bikram, Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa Yoga and now I teach the intensely physical and healing Forrest Yoga, a modern, dynamic practice carefully crafted by Ana Forrest over the past 40 years.


Forrest Yoga ignites every cell in my body. I love the intensity and the emphasis on personal freedom, intuition, and connection to spirit and the authentic self.

Yoga has brought wonderful healing to my life.10 years ago I was in a very different place. I struggled with addiction, depression and social anxiety. I felt lost and disconnected from myself and the world around me. 

Through regular Yoga practice I started to heal, nourish and respect my body and bring joy and presence into my life. Yoga for me is an exhilarating, joyful and at times painful journey of growth and self discovery - I love every second.

What to expect:​​​

  • Energising and uplifting morning Ceremony + Forrest Yoga practice

  • Singing + Drumming + Dancing

  • Star Gazing

  • Pool time

  • Wild Swimming in the Sea

  • 3 delicious vegetarian / vegan meals every day

  • Community amongst open hearted men from around the world

  • Plenty of time to yourself to relax










Our Studio can accommodate up to four people. It is appointed with a king size bed (or two single beds) on the mezzanine and a super comfy sofa (or two single beds in case of four people occupancy). It has its own private terrace overlooking the garden with an amazing view on the lake. It offers a fully-equipped kitchen which makes it the perfect base camp for your vacation in paradise.

Our two Superior Suites are equally comfy but a bit more spacious. They offer a king size bed (or two single beds) with high-end quality Portuguese mattresses. Both have ensuite bathrooms. They open directly on their private terraces overlooking the garden and come equipped with a table and chairs on which you can relax and have a drink after a day spent at the beach.

Our two Junior Suites are very charming and super luminous. They are appointed with a queen size bed and have ensuite bathroom. They both open directly on a private terrace facing South where you can have a drink ‘al fresco’ on warm summer evenings.

Rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The price for everyone is the same - 850 Euros













Forrest Yoga


Created by Ana Forrest over the past 45 years, Forrest Yoga is an intensely physical practice that will make you sweat and ignite every cell in your body through deep breathing and powerful, healing poses.


Forrest Yoga teaches you to go deeper to find your truth, and encourages you to take these gifts you have earned beyond the mat and into the rest of your life.


Forrest Yoga honors and celebrates the beauty of life and the power of Spirit. It is an inspiring yoga practice that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping deepen the relationship with your authentic self. Accessing your intuition - the voice of your Spirit - builds personal strength and ushers integrity into your daily interactions.


Forrest Yoga challenges you to heal, grow and welcome your Spirit home.

Forrest Yoga does not require strength or flexibility; it only requires a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. The practice is founded on four pillars -- Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.


Forrest Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply, connect in feeling with your body, use the power of breath to bring aliveness into every cell of your body and ignite your passion for living.


Forrest Yoga teaches you to connect to your core, to be strong and centered. The intense pose sequences are designed to help you develop the skills to awaken each of your senses. The long holds help you progress in the poses and go deeper. Aided by the use of heat, your body is freed from toxins; the deep breathing  oxygenates and rejuvenates every cell in your body.


Forrest Yoga teaches you to become proficient at safely tailoring each pose to work best for you, particularly with physical and emotional injuries. By learning to work honestly at your edges, you develop effective tools to deal with fear and struggle. This makes it possible for integrity, self-awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life.


Forrest Yoga's intent is to create a sense of freedom, a connection to your Spirit and the courage to walk as your Spirit dictates.

Alcohol + Substances

This retreat is alcohol and recreational drug free. Please do not bring alcohol with you. Please do not bring any recreational drugs with you.

We all have our own unique and personal relationship to alcohol and substances, this retreat is about us coming together to connect with ourselves and each other in a conscious way without the effects of alcohol and substances. If you would like to discuss this with me then please get in touch by email.


From Faro:

We will most likely organise a shuttle bus from Faro for the group. This will be about 15-30 Euros per person and we will organise it nearer the time.

If you plan to hire a car and are willing to give people a ride then please let me know!

From Lisbon:

You can get a train that lasts just over 2 hours to Saboia. From there you can be collected and driven to Lua Nua which is 30 mins away.

Likely Schedule

Sunday 5th May, 7pm - Welcome Circle and Dinner

Saturday 11th May, 8am - Closing yoga practice and farewell brunch

Daily schedule:


8am - Morning Ceremony + Practice

10.30am - Breakfast

2pm - Lunch

7.30pm - Dinner

9pm - Evening Group Fun


To Book:

Sunday 5th May - Saturday 11th May 2019

Retreat Cost - 850 Euros (Payment by bank transfer)


(Price includes accommodation, food, daily morning ceremony + yoga, evening group activities)

To confirm your place please email me -

All fees paid for workshops and retreats are non-transferable and non-refundable. In paying for a workshop or retreat, you agree to these terms.

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