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Somatische Akademie, Paul Lincke Ufer 30, Kreuzberg

Tuesday 1st // 6-8pm

Monday 7th // 6-8pm

Tuesday 8th // 6-8pm

Monday 14th // 6-8pm

Tuesday 15th // 6-8pm

Monday 21st // 6-8pm

Tuesday 22nd // 6-8pm

Monday 28th // 6-8pm

Tuesday 29th // 6-8pm

We’re going back to the room where it all began - the big bright studio at Somatische Akademie! After a break of 2.5 years I’m so looking forward to teaching in person classes in Berlin again.

Each practice will be 2 hours. These classes are for us to reconnect, get back in to our Forrest Yoga practice, perhaps get a little nostalgic about the past, and discover how we’re all doing now!

We will start with a singing circle, followed by a 90 minute Forrest Yoga practice. Singing together is a very simple yet powerful way to lift our spirits, get in touch with our heart, connect to ourselves and to each other, and a wonderful way to prepare for a deep yoga practice.

Many of you have sung with me on retreat before, for some of you this will be the first time, I’m excited to share these songs and to sing with you!

I encourage you to commit to the whole month and come to every class if you can. We’ll start by going over the foundations of Forrest Yoga, reacquainting ourselves with the practice, and build up the intensity slowly.

We’ll most likely go for some food after class as well. Just like the good old days :)

I’m thrilled to be spending November with you in Berlin!


Whole Month // 100 Euros

Drop In // 15 Euros

Payment // Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer

Address: Somatische Akademie, Paul Lincke Ufer 30, Kreuzberg.

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