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Retreat for Gay Bi Trans Queer Men // 20th - 26th May 2023
Idoborg, Sweden

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Welcome


Saturday 20th - Friday 26th May 2023

For Gay Bi Trans Queer Men

Idoborg, Sweden 

This retreat is for GBTQ Men who have either been on retreat with me before, have practised regularly with me in Berlin, or who I know personally and who have previous workshop / retreat experience.

Call of the Wild is an invitation to go deeper in to the retreat experience. It is a celebration and acknowledgment of the past 8 years, and a chance to deepen the friendships and connections within the community.

If you are interested in joining a retreat with me for the first time, please consider one of the Portugal weeks in May.



Over the past 8 years we’ve been to Brandenburg, Tuscany, Portugal and Sweden. Hundreds of men have joined these retreats - and now feels like the perfect time for a reunion!

Each year the web of this community gets more intricate, new connections are made and old friendships deepen.

As return participants you will have an idea of what to expect on Idoborg! But this also means we can go a little deeper, be a little bolder, and bring even more creativity, playfulness and spontaneity to our time together.

We meet at a tiny harbour just outside Stockholm. From there we board a water taxi and head out to sea through the archipelago, to the tiny private island of Idoborg, our home for this Call of the Wild adventure!

What happens will very much depend on what we decide to co-create together! But expect ceremony, music, singing, dancing, kayaking, sea swimming, 2 hours in the spectacular sauna every day, and of course Forrest Yoga practices and a truly legendary No Talent show :)

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Text


Welcome to Call of the Wild! 

An island adventure to rediscover your most primal nature, to leave daily stresses and responsibilities behind on the mainland, all in the company of open hearted friendly men from this retreat community.

This retreat is a journey in to nature, exploring and strengthening our connection to queer spirit, a time for celebration, creativity, playfulness, and rest.

A whole week of sea swimming, Forrest Yoga, Swedish Sauna, Kayaking, Meditation, Music + Dance, great food, and an epic No Talent Show.


After 8 years of retreat adventures I feel it’s time for a reunion! So Call of the Wild is for GBTQ Men who have been on retreat with me before, or who have practised with me in Berlin, or who I know personally and who are familiar with a workshop / retreat environment.

The intention is to dive deeper in to the retreat experience. This is an opportunity to reconnect with friends from previous retreats, and to make connections with other men within the community!

I’m so proud of what we have experienced together over the years. Watching this community grow, getting to know many of you, and seeing so many friendships and connections develop, fills me with joy!

My intention for this retreat is to honour and celebrate everything we have experienced together in Portugal, Tuscany, and Sweden. To deepen the friendships and connections within the community, and to co-create a magical magnificent adventure on our tiny Island home.

You will all have a role to play on what we do together. We all participate and contribute in our own way. With the support of our yoga practice, the revitalising sea swimming, the heat and sweat of the sauna, and the camaraderie of a wonderful group.

I’m excited and curious to see what this retreat will bring!

Thank you for your trust and support. Hope to see you in Sweden!


Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About


Forrest Yoga // Meditation // Ceremony // Sauna // Sea Kayaking // No Talent Show + More!

Many of you already know what to expect on these retreats. Call of the Wild is an opportunity to bring everything you have learned and experienced from previous retreats and channel them in to this experience. Bring all of your gifts, your wisdom, your humour, your presence, and your kindness.

Call of the Wild is an invitation and encouragement to be fully present and committed to the adventure. To show up us your most authentic, primal, wild, liberated self. This is a space to learn, a space to grow, a space to connect, a space to play!

You can expect challenging yoga practices with deep intents. Plenty of time for relaxation, sea kayaking, outstanding food, cosy accommodation, and 2 hours in the sauna each day. You can see the sauna in the photo below. It is a sauna truly worthy of a Swedish private Island. 

And of course we will sing, we will dance and move to music, we will revel in our queerness, we will get playful, we will get spiritual, we will get a little magical :)

We have space for around 26 participants. So this could be quite a large group. I plan to bring at least one assistant with me to help out and to also offer massage treatments.

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About
Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Image


At Idöborg we think of clean and simple tastes, and our chefs work with locally produced Swedish and organic ingredients when they prepare our vegetarian menus.

The chefs have a lot of experience with various specialty foods and diets such as raw food, Ayurverdic and Macrobiotic food.

Meals are enjoyed in Vita Villan's homely dining room or when the weather allows on the large veranda overlooking the sea and the lush garden. At the generously-added breakfast buffet you can find freshly baked bread and Idöborg's health food. For coffee, you get home-made coffee bread often with fruit or berries from the island.

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About


Saturday 20th May 2023 

4pm - Meet at Stavsnas Harbour

7.30pm - Welcome Dinner

Friday 26th May 2023

8am - Closing Yoga Practice

10am - Farewell brunch

11am - Water Taxi to Stavsnas Harbour

Daily schedule:

7.30am - Fruit, Nuts, Tea, Coffee

8am - Morning Ceremony + Practice

10.30am - Breakfast

2pm - Lunch

6pm - Evening Practice

7.30pm - Dinner

We have 2 hours in the sauna each day. Either in the afternoon or the evening.

Free time after breakfast and after lunch for quiet time, or taking a sea kayak out!

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About


Price is the same for everyone - 1400 Euros
Price includes: Accommodation, food + drink, daily ceremony + yoga, evening group activities, sauna, sea kayaking, water taxi to Idoborg and back to the mainland.​

Accommodation is a selection of comfortable single occupancy, twin, and double rooms spread over 3 charming Swedish villas on the Island.

When booking please let me know your room preference:

Single Occupancy

Twin (and maybe who you would like to share with)

Double (For Couples)

Once availability is confirmed I will forward you my account details for transfer.

All fees paid for workshops and retreats are non-transferable and non-refundable. In paying for a workshop or retreat, you agree to these terms.

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Text
Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Image


This retreat begins on Sunday 21st May and ends on Sunday 28th.

We will meet at Stavsnas Harbour at 4pm on Sunday 21st May. From there we will get a 30 mins water taxi to Idoborg.

You are responsible for making your way to the harbour. It’s 45 mins in a taxi from Stockholm. There is also a direct bus from the city centre. The oracle of google maps can help you.

I will put everyone in touch before the retreat so you can meet up in Stockholm and travel together to the harbour.

Sweden is an incredible country to visit. I love to spend at least a couple of days in Stockholm. It’s such a beautiful city to walk around and explore.

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About
Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Image


We will get a water taxi from Idoborg to Stavsnas at 11am and arrive at the harbour by 11.30am.

Please keep this in mind when booking return travel. 

If possible I really recommend spending a night or two in Stockholm after the retreat. We finish on a Sunday so I understand many of you will have to get home for work. But it can be very useful to have a bit of time and space after the retreat to ease gently back in to the ‘real world’.

Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: About
Call of The Wild // Retreat for GBTQ Men: Pro Gallery
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