Retreat Calendar 2021

GBTQ Men's Retreats:

15th - 21st May // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

22nd - 28th May // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

19th - 25th June // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

26th June - 2nd July // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

11th - 17th September // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

18th - 24th September // Naked Yoga Retreat for GBTQ Men, Lua Nua, Portugal

Mixed Retreats:

30th May - 5th June // Digital Detox Mixed Retreat, Vale de Moses, Portugal
5th - 12th June // Digital Detox Mixed Retreat, Vale de Moses, Portugal

13th - 19th June // Digital Detox Mixed Retreat, Vale de Moses, Portugal

"When I look back on my life, I will see the retreat to Portugal with Tom as a big turning point."


Hosting retreats is one of the greatest honours and joys of my work. I love every moment I get to spend on retreat with such wonderful and diverse people from all over the world, in spectacular locations, deep in nature.

Many of the retreats I host are for Gay Bi Trans Queer Men. For 2021 I plan to offer more mixed retreats open to all genders.

Here is some info on my approach to retreats, to help you decide if I am the right teacher for you!



Throughout my entire adult life I have found GBTQ men's spaces to be incredibly important to my healing path. There is a great power in GBTQ men coming together to support each other and help one another to grow and transform.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin and founded a GBTQ men's yoga community. Since then hundreds of men have practiced with me, I've hosted 10 GBTQ men's retreats in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Each retreat is a glorious mixture of new faces, men from the Berlin community, and many men returning from previous years.

Retreats are a sacred pause from daily life and from our habitual patterns and routines. It's time for you. Time to nourish your soul and relax in nature. Time to step back and take a look at your life. All in the company of open hearted GBTQ men who will support you on your journey.

My retreats are not just a yoga holiday. They are designed to be deeply relaxing, restorative, fun and playful, but also to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

If you are looking for a simple relaxing holiday with a bit of yoga, then perhaps I am not the right teacher for you.


If you are looking to make a shift in your life, if you're looking to break free from old patterns, if you're looking to rediscover your joy for life, to immerse yourself in nature, to explore your connection to spirit - then get in touch :)




In 2021 I am offering 3 mixed retreats in Portugal at Vale de Moses.

My mixed retreats have a very similar philosophy to the men's retreats. They are so much more than just a yoga holiday.

My retreats are designed to challenge and inspire you. I always choose locations deep in nature, with wild swimming, incredible food and kind hosts.

Each day typically starts in ceremony and an extended practice. Music + dance always play a big part in my retreats. Music, dance + ceremony bring us together, to celebrate our humanity, connect us to spirit, and help us to come alive.

Meditation will also be in important part of retreats, learning to be in stillness and silence with ourselves. There will be a mixture of silent meditations and guided meditations.

I will also offer Yoga Nidra practices. A 30 mins deep relaxation technique that teaches us how to explore our subconscious. That takes the body in to a state of deep rest where healing can happen. It's also an incredibly powerful practice for sowing the seeds of intents you would like to manifest in your life.

And of course there will be an abundance of time in nature, with plenty of wild swimming in the nearby ocean, lakes or rivers. Plus plenty of time for yourself! 

And the highlight of each retreat is always the FOOD! Expect to be fed a rainbow cornucopia of delicious, healthy, nutritious vegetarian and vegan food.

Any questions please get in touch!



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Photography by Manuel Moncayo, Manolo Ty, Tom Barber

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