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Adventurous, life changing experiences, in wild, beautiful locations around Europe

Thank you to everyone who joined us on retreat this year. We had 2 fabulous weeks at Lua Nua, a truly epic island adventure in Sweden, and we got to make ourselves at home in a glorious French Chateau.

Dates for 2024 // 3 Final Naked Yoga Retreats in Portugal

*** All 3 Retreats Are Currently Sold Out With Waiting List Available ***

12-17 May // The Bare Necessities (Digital Detox)

19-24 May // Back to Nature

26-31 May // The Power of Goodbye

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GBTQ Men’s Retreats: Welcome


Throughout my entire adult life I have found GBTQ men's spaces to be incredibly important to my healing path. There is a great power in GBTQ men coming together to support each other and help one another to grow and transform.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin and founded a GBTQ men's yoga community. Since then hundreds of men have practiced with me, and I've hosted over 20 GBTQ men's retreats in Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Each retreat is a glorious mixture of new faces, men from the Berlin community, and many men returning from previous years.

Retreats are a sacred pause from daily life and from our habitual patterns and routines. It's time for you. Time to nourish your soul and relax in nature. Time to step back and take a look at your life. All in the company of open hearted GBTQ men who will support you on your journey.

My retreats are not just a yoga holiday. They are designed to be deeply relaxing, restorative, fun and playful, but also to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

If you are looking for a simple relaxing holiday with a bit of yoga, then perhaps I am not the right teacher for you.

If you are looking to make a shift in your life, if you're looking to break free from old patterns, if you're looking to rediscover your joy for life, to immerse yourself in nature, to explore your connection to spirit - then come join us :)

GBTQ Men’s Retreats: About


When you join one of these retreats you become part of a global community of GBTQ Men who have shared a similar retreat adventure to you. This community has evolved over the years through all of the incredible men that have taken part. Men from all over Europe, North America, South Africa, Japan!

With so many people returning each year, the friendships and connections within this retreat community run deeper and deeper. In Sweden this year we had a reunion retreat and 30 wonderful men showed up. This was a celebration of everything we have experienced together over the past 8 years.

My vision for the next chapter of these retreats is to strengthen this International network and to grow this community. Your retreat experience doesn’t just begin and end in Portugal. We take what we learn out in to our lives, many participants keep in touch and become long term friends. 

We now have a monthly newsletter for retreat participants and next year I hope to run some weekend urban retreats in your home cities. This means that we can keep in touch, catch up, do some yoga, explore some local culture and nature, and keep the retreat spirit alive in the ‘real world’.

If you’re interested in me coming to your home city then get in touch and let’s plan something! I’m looking for local people to help organise and host these weekends.

Thank you for all your support over the years, looking forward to this next chapter very much!


GBTQ Men’s Retreats: About
GBTQ Men’s Retreats: Pro Gallery
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